Services & Competences

Service topics are ingress of fish and debris, fish passage, turbine mortality, fish deterrence, monitoring and mitigation of biofouling, water treatment, cooling water discharge impacts, site reviews and operational trouble shooting associated with fish/debris/biofouling, intake design review.

The expertise of Pecten Aquatic covers the environmental impacts of once-through cooling water systems and hydropower plants on the aquatic environment and the impact of that environment and these sensitivities on engineering design and plant management:

  • Fish passage/turbine mortality at hydropower plants;
  • Fish impingement and entrainment;
  • Applicability and efficacy of behavioural fish deterrent systems;
  • Efficacy of Fish Recovery and Return systems;
  • Design review of cooling water intakes;
  • Development of conceptual fish-friendly design and operation of water intakes;
  • Assessment and monitoring of biofouling communities;
  • Mitigation strategies to prevent biofouling;
  • Thermal and chemical discharge effects;
  • 3rd party review/guidance in projects;
  • Desk studies;
  • Design reviews;
  • Field study specification and deployment;
  • Plant and plant treatment evaluation studies;
  • Trouble shooting;
  • Training courses.

International experience

Maarten has gained broad international working experience in projects performed in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, CuraƧao, Canada, France, South Korea, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, USA, Australia, Singapore, Algeria, UK, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Additional experiences with international business development has included active participation in symposia and expert-groups in Italy, Japan, Sweden, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Australia, Oman, Qatar, USA, UK, India, France, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Other related competences

  • Organizer and moderator of (inter)national workshops and conference sessions on cooling water and hydropower topics related to biofouling impacts and control and fish impingement and entrainment;
  • Active contributor to (inter)national expert and network groups and member of task-force groups;
  • Author of scientific and popular publications, lectures and book chapters;
  • Organizer of PICWS, the European Power Industry Cooling Water Specialist meeting.