The Power Industry Cooling Water Specialists (PICWS) meetings provide a platform for cooling water specialists in Europe to discuss a variety of topics. As the strong bias of the meeting is deliberately technical rather than commercial, the attendees have the opportunity to share knowledge and freely discuss the application of (sometimes novel) technologies, operational issues and legislative aspects with their peers. These interactions have proved to be very valuable and resulted in a number of collaborative projects that have served to both update the current state of knowledge in various areas and offset potential regulatory risks. Next to the content of the meetings themselves, the PICWS meetings provide the opportunity to build and maintain a network of cooling water specialists across Europe.


The next PICWS meeting will be held at the International Centre for Ecohydraulics Research (ICER), Southampton UK from April 1 – 3 2020. For more information and registration please contact Pecten Aquatic at maarten@pectenaquatic.com.

Register here :  ‘REGISTRATION PICWS-2020’.

Privacy Statement

Pecten Aquatic collects personal data of the attendants only for the purpose of organizing the PICWS meeting. The personal data provided by the attendants shall only be used for this purpose. The personal data will not be distributed to third parties. Pecten Aquatic shall endeavour appropriate technical and organisational measures with respect to the processing of the personal data against loss or any form of infringing processing (such as infringed notice, derogation, modification or distribution of personal information).